The Ivey Library is located in New College. What makes this library unique is its two-floor layout: a mezzanine and lower level, and its huge windows letting lots of light in and giving view on an indoor garden. The library has bright, open, comfortable study areas, including upholstered chairs for leisure reading and study carrels and tables. In the entrance can be found a relaxing area where to read magazines and journals on sofas. There are also computer rooms available. My favourite aspect is the display of artworks across the library: mostly Norval Morrisseau's paintings.  Its collection focuses on social sciences, with special collections on African Studies, Caribbean Studies, Disability Studies, Equity Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.




Windows wit view. Various types of study spaces. Plugs. Art.

Busy by day.



* The rating, out of 5, is subjective based on criteria such as variety of study spots, outlets, aesthetic of the space, etc. 

Questions? l.dantar [at] gmail [dot] com

This is a personal project realized by Laetitia Dandavino-Tardif, 2019

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